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Visual communication & design thinking
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It doesn’t matter if you’re an established company, an enthusiastic sole-trader, or a fresh start-up, the way in which you communicate and interact with your customers can determine whether your product, service, and even business, is successful or not.

Establishing your identity and brand can feel daunting. That's probably why you're searching online, looking for help and advice.

At [gawr-juhs] we specialise in working with individuals, small businesses and organisations in this process.

Through our design thinking we can provide you with digital, motion and print-based solutions. This in turn ensures that your visual branding and your tone of voice is consistent across all chosen methods of delivery.


Our approach to work

In order to help you visually engage with your audience, we need to understand you. What interests us most is your story.

Tell us what inspired you to start your business. Share with us your vision. Brief us on your customers. Explain to us your thoughts on what is – or isn’t – working for you. Summarise for us how you think we can help you.

If you’re passionate about your business, none of this should phase you. However writing a design brief can often help to focus your ideas.

So sorry to disappoint, if you were expecting to find some profound words here about our work methodology. But we truly believe that your project isn’t about us – it’s all about you!


Derek Green: designer; typographer; closet geek
Portrait photo of Derek Green

A client once described me as “…the male version of Mary Portas, but for graphic design.” I’ll take that compliment with both hands. Although I doubt I’d look good with a red bob hairstyle and sporting large sunnies!

In essence I think what they meant was that, like Mary, I embark on projects with an open mind and a holistic approach.

From conceiving new brand names, developing bespoke fonts, or simply selecting appropriate delivery methods, each stage of my design process is measured.

And being a designer who knows ‘a little bit of code’, I’m always happy to chat about technology and typography, and have appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAulay and Co. doing so.


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