• Visual Branding

    Identities, icons & logos, type
    design, livery and brand guidelines

  • Digital

    Single page micro-sites to
    fully dynamic websites.

  • Print

    Brochures, reports and magazines,
    packaging & point of sale materials.

  • Motion

    Filming, video editing, audio mixing,
    motion graphics and animation.

  • Photography

    Location and studio photography
    capturing places, people & products.

  • Wayfinding

    Retail design, exhibition graphics
    and signage systems.

  • Social Media Content

    Copywriting and imagery for
    delivery via online channels.

  • Training

    Template development, product
    reseach & software training.

Getting Your
Branding Right

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh start-up, an enthusiastic sole-trader, or an established organisation, the way in which you communicate and interact with your audience can determine whether your product, service, and even business, is successful or not. Establishing your branding and identity can feel daunting. That’s probably why you're searching online, looking for advice.

We’re Here To
Help & Advise

At [gawr-juhs] we love working with people like you, and assisting with this process. Through our design thinking, we can provide you with simple elegant website solutions, creative print-based marketing materials, and eye-catching animations and videos. All of this ensures that your visual branding and identity is constant, wherever and however it is seen.

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Our Process

At [gawr-juhs] we like to keep things simple.
So we consider our 5 step-process to be
straightforward and easy to understand.

1 Brief

In order to help you visually engage with your target-markets, we need to understand you. What interests us most is your story. Tell us what inspired you to start your business. Share with us your vision. Brief us on your customers. Explain to us your thoughts on what is – or isn’t – working for you. Summarise for us how you think we can help you.

If you’re passionate about your business, none of this should phase you. However writing a simple design brief can often help you to focus your ideas. In your brief consider including: background information; project objectives; description of the project; target audience; budget; schedule; and your ideas.

If you need a helping hand, then you’ll find a post in our blog about how to write a creative design brief.

2 Ideas

Once we’ve read your design brief, we usually suggest getting together for an informal chat. This meeting enables us to get to know each other, and to establish a working rapport. It’s also a good time for us to ask any questions, that we may have about the project, and to confirm specifics like personal preferences.

So often our design proposals stem from a throwaway comment, or from something that we’ve seen or have been shown. Regularly clients react to our creative solutions by saying “That encapsulates us perfectly!”, or “You really know us so well!” But in general, you already have the necessary content. Our job is to piece it together, in order to produce visually fresh ideas for you.

3 Develop

Our design concepts are just that. Initial thoughts for us to gauge your reaction with. By presenting them to you, we can discuss how close our interpretation is to your vision. And at this stage nothing is cast in steel or set in stone. So we have the ability to adapt, amend and even discard. Refining our ideas until your entirely satisfied with our approach.

During the development phase, [gawr-juhs] also ensures that maintenance and production practicalities are taken care of too. All websites we construct have a simple, easy-to-use, content management system built into them. Artwork files are created to match the appropriate technical printing specifications. Essentially we do the the thinking for you, in advance.

4 Launch

Any successful inauguration needs a coordinated approach. Working together we can establish a realistic timetable of project deadlines, that will guarantee [gawr-juhs] has all the files, marketing materials and printed collateral ready for your launch.

And when external services need to be purchased for your project – for example domain names, web hosting, or printing services – we’re happy to buy these for you. Plus we won’t add any mark-up to prices that we are charged. [gawr-juhs] has always been open and transparent about this particular policy since the day we launched.

5 Support

Once your project has launched, we’ll provide you with all the files we’re created for you. This will allow you to make future changes when you want, without having to come back to us and incur additional costs. However, we appreciate that not everyone has the time nor inclination to do that. So we’re happy for you to think of us as you in-house design department too.

In the rare circumstances when [gawr-juhs] has employed software, that you’re unfamiliar with, then we can train you and your staff in its use too. In addition, we will soon be posting short video tutorials on our YouTube channel that will demonstrate to you how to make changes to websites using our selected content management systems.

In summary we hope our approach will enable you to become self-sufficient.


We believe that our pricing is fair and easy to understand. We provide quotations
for all our creative work, which commences once we have received a 50% payment.

Customer Support

  • Product Training
  • Technical Support
  • Website Maintenance
  • Template Design
  • General Research
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Social Media

  • Editorial Calendar Setup
  • Blog Post Creation
  • Image Content Generation
  • Release Schedule
  • Monitor User Interaction
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Creative Services

  • Visual Branding Strategies
  • Design & Artwork
  • Website Development
  • Photography
  • Video & Animation
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