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Update. Upgrade. Upskill.

Software research & custom templates
Members Enclosure newsletter template for the Stable Bar Mortonhall

Are you unsure of which software to use? Do you need a time-saving bespoke template? Then [gawr-juhs] can help you here as well.

We're used to comparing and evaluating apps that have similar functionalities. So why not let us do the research for you and provide an independent review?

In addition to Microsoft templates, that accompany most of our projects, we can give you a variety of other file types too.

For example, we’ve explored and designed eMarketing templates using Swiftpage ACT! for Goldstone Agencies. We also developed Adobe Photoshop actions for Luke Bremner Fitness that automate and resize ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of their clients, and saves the file ready to put on to social media sites.

Whatever your particular challenge, chat to us and let us assist you.


Product knowledge transfer
Derek Green from [gawr-juhs] presents a bottle of wine to Shelia from Inverclyde, who was the winner of The Creative Exchange Members work competition in June 2016

We’re passionate about learning and sharing information, especially when it’s technology and design-related.

Showing customers how to update their websites, or demonstrating how to get the most from the files we create – either in person or via video tutorials – comes naturally to us.

Occasionally we’re asked to produce training workshops, which we’re always happy to facilitate. Generally these are based around specific workflows rather than individual applications.

Whether you're looking to expand your own product knowledge, or those of your colleagues and staff, let’s talk and explore your training requirements.


Talking the same language
Derek was one of the judges for the 2015 Refugee Survival Trust T-Shirt competition.

Analytics. Alogrithims. Responsive. Adaptive. SEO. Online. Offline. Our vocabulary seems to be increasingly full of new and unfamiliar terminology.

We understand that ‘techspeak’ can often be overwhelming. Even for us it sometimes feels like nonsensical babble.

That’s why we’re fans of simple, clear communication – not just visually – but also in speech and writing.

We take pride in helping our clients to demystify the design, technology and production processes.

Whether through informal chats or as presentations to larger groups, we’d be delighted to work with you to ensure everyone within your organisation has the same knowledge base.


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