[gawr-juhs] takes intellectual property and the protection of its ideas seriously.

Our intellectual property policy sets out our approach in relation to copyright, design rights, trademarks and moral rights. This policy is supplementary to our standard Conditions of Sale and does not replace it.

All work including but not limited to: visuals; design concepts; suggested brand names; illustrations; diagrams; photography; typefaces; packaging; artwork; proposals; animations and videos; designed, developed or created by us and displayed either publically or privately belongs to [gawr-juhs].

All copyright, design rights, trademarks (if applicable) and moral rights of our work are all covered by the United Kingdom’s “Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.”

Exceptions to the above include:

  • Work we have been commissioned to produce for individual customers and have subsequently been paid in full for the goods that we supplied, and have written to that individual customer acknowledging full transfer of copyright ownership, as set out in clauses (8) and 8(a) of our Conditions of Sale.
  • The copyright of any work which appears on our website, which has not been produced by [gawr-juhs], remains the property of the individual owner who created the work. Where possible, [gawr-juhs] will always acknowledge and credit the owners of work it uses on our site.

Moral rights

As set out in clauses (8b) and (8c) of our standard Conditions of Sale, if moral rights apply to any work we create, they will remain with [gawr-juhs] and we have no obligation to transfer them to anyone else.

In addition [gawr-juhs] must always be credited as the creator of work we produce, regardless of whether the copyright of ownership has been transferred or not. All work which we own the moral rights for cannot, and must not, be used in a derogatory manner.

Copyright, design right and trade mark infringement are crimes and are liable to up to 10 years in prison.

Any infringements of our work will be pursued vigorously.