Putting Your World In Motion

Who knew that the moving image would become so embedded in our daily lives? Motion has broken free from the constraints of the cinema auditorium and the television, and can be found on high-street advertising hoardings, at bus stops, and on the mobile devices we carry in our bags and in our pockets.

As our attention spans diminish, video has been shown to retain our interest. It can be used to help deliver marketing messages in a shorter amount of time, whilst also conveying emotional elements through audio and visual storytelling techniques, not present in text-based methods.

Epic Productions

Corporate intro videos, opening title sequences, short theme-based films, and animations are all motion projects that I've been directly involved in. I know social media posts can benefit from the addition of animated GIFs, and videos of two minutes or less yield the most engagement.

On Minimum Budgets

Creating your own video channel on YouTube, Vimeo or another similar service is a great idea. However incorporating motion into websites too can significantly increase flows of traffic. Users from search engine result pages are more likely to visit your site if they can see that it has video content.

NB Distillery Product Showreel
VOCAL Carers Video Showreel
[gawr-juhs] art New Year Countdown
Luke Bremner Fitness Studio Introduction